Welcome to PlusTou!

PlusTou is a social networking startup founded in the DC area. PlusTou focuses on generating instant one on one real-life connections based on common interests.

PlusTou is for building connections on many levels through shared interests.

New to the Area

Newcomers to DC looking for people to connect with, find PlusTou an avenue to mingle with like minded minds


Those that love to be active can finally find other enthusiasts at PlusTou

Tired of Work/Life routine

People who find themselves stuck in the same mundane routine can spice it up by connecting with someone on PlusTou

Dating Slump

If you are one of approx. 2 million single people in the DC Metro Area finding it hard to meet the right partner, PlusTou is right for you

No more going solo...Make it a PlusTou Moment!

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