Winter is Coming

In honor of the Season 7 Game of Thrones premiere, PlusTou will complete a two part series on the Game of Thrones Pop-Up Bar in DC (located at 1839-1843 7th Street NW). Part one will delve into actually getting in and getting to the throne (highly important); Part two will tackle the food and drink menu.

-The Details-

The PUB runs from June 21st through the season finale on August 27th. We highly recommend you DO NOT wait until the last weekend to visit the PUB.

The PUB runs from 5p-12:30a Monday through Thursday; 5p-1:30a Friday and Saturday; and 1p-7p Sunday (to allow employees to watch that week’s episode of GoT). It’s important to take note that closing time and last call are earlier than other bars around the Shaw/U Street area. I found out the hard way that I was cutting it close and almost didn’t make it to the throne..

Peak PUB times are between 6:30-9:30 during the week (prime after work and happy hour time). Keep this in mind when putting your group together to visit. The time spent (possibly) waiting in line to get in will be worth it. That said, if there’s a line, be patient; it moves pretty well. Security on staff is nice, but they are fair. You aren’t’ skipping any lines….

People are encouraged to dress in costume for the bar. Go for it! The bar will only be here for another five weeks. Carpe Diem!

-Inside the Throne-

You've made it in! You want to take it all in. You’re in awe! Stay focused! Get to the Throne Room and get your name on the list so you and your crew can take photos on the throne. Do this ASAP!, before you get a drink... Before you stop by the rest room.... get on the list! I can’t tell you the number of people I saw turned away on opening weekend because there was too much demand for the throne and not enough time. (Remember what I said before about closing time).

While you wait on being called/texted to take your photos on the throne, think of your poses and how many photos you want to take to be most efficient. FYI, you can’t put your feet on the arms of the throne. You will be given the option to wear a fur coat for your photo. Unless things like that creep you out, go for it and ham it up for you photo!

Stay tuned for part 2! Also, share your stories of the GoT PUB!

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