You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

Did you know that you've been dating the wrong way?

If you've been dating for a long time and have not found your partner yet, most likely you’ve been dating the wrong way. A large number of people have approached dating incorrectly and have been doing so for far too long. Repeatedly going through the same dating process but expecting a different outcome? This may not be entirely your fault

Surveys show that the success of relationships whether friendship or romance depend a great deal on the passions they share. Most of us have met someone at some point in our lives that we didn't particularly like at first meet; but after getting to know them realized we shared common interests thus bonding a great friendship. You hear uncountable stories of couples who were not entirely smitten with each other at first sight, and as they got to know each other were surprised with the passions they have in common.

So why are most social media sites and dating apps still taking you through the same outdated process?

You set up an account, go through questionnaires, upload attractive pictures of yourself, then pray for the right connection. We know that in our modernized world, looks are not what keeps a great relationship going and that common passions help to grow the attractiveness between two people. Yet we are made to swipe through potential partners based mostly on physical traits. Many don't make it beyond online communication. Imagine all the missed opportunities!

PlusTou sets you on a different platform.

We help put your best foot forward by making your interests key and focus on helping build real face to face connections.

Online dating is supposed to be an easier way for people to meet. We know that people let their guards down when they feel relaxed. So, PlusTou allows you to drop your guards by building real connections. When two people share interests, they connect on a human level and have fun without over thinking the situation. We meet the best people in our lives this way.

You owe it to yourself to try something new.

Make it PlusTou Moment.

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