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I hate the holidays!

Around this time I feel alone; depression starts setting in. Throughout the year I have bursts of sadness that falls over me and I don’t want to think about the things that are going right in my life. Instead, I’m thinking of what’s lacking. My mind is constantly turning. I’m constantly thinking about the loneliness that surrounds me. The solution for some is simple. Go out and meet people. This might be true for some, but for me, I hate putting myself out there.

I’m not a social butterfly. I don’t like attention, and find the conventional way of dating to be stressful if not Hell. On the odd occasions the comfort of my own space is all I need. I might be in this space for days on end and not feel the need to be social. But there are burst of times that I want to go out. It was always the last minute when thoughts of "shoulda", "coulda" would creep in. I should have made plans, perhaps call that friend. Some times the need for a companion is so pressing, that I start to wish I had a guy friend to call to hang out. Perhaps there is a meetup, only to be disappointed by the lack of events. Or I start thinking about how it went that few times I did venture out to a social gathering.

I’m an introvert and hate social settings. I hate that nothing is catered to me. Sometimes we all don’t want to be amongst crowds, or leave our comfort zone. But that does not mean we don’t all crave companionship. This holiday season, thoughts of "shoulda" or "couldas" are once again creeping in. But I refuse to accept there is nothing out here for introverts to come together and enjoy small bursts of interactions. I created Plustou to give introverts the power to control how they want to interact with others. No Pressure. Post your interests or click on an interest of a member. Trust. No bots or algorithms. Share common interests at your own leisure. Burst of energy. Create a moment with a member that can last a life time.

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