Single Introverts' Dilemma

We hate to admit it but many of us are last-minute weekenders. Around Wednesday we start wondering what the weekend will be like. The introvert inside of us doesn’t really care because the comfort of our home is our safe space, but the single part of us wants something to do. If only for an hour, something outside of the house can really be energizing. So some of us go looking for events.

It never fails; meetups are never scheduled at the right time; friends are too busy, and going solo isn’t a good choice. Contradictory to the assumptions about introverts, we don’t always want to be by ourselves.

Some introverts want to be social, just not in the sense that an extrovert would typically consider to be social. Some of us do want to be out the house and have a great, yet limited, social interaction with others. Popping on a dating site is definitely not an option. It becomes dreadful and doesn’t yield the instant result.

We don’t want to spend time trying to fake an interest to realize there is nothing of substance. We tend to waste precious time when things can be so much simpler.

PlusTou. A site where the users are in control. You know what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

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