Today, January 2nd marks the day that introverts are recognized. Many go through life comfortable with serving in the background. But today whether they like it or not, full attention are on them.

If you were to checkout the hashtag "#WorldIntrovertDay" you will notice majority of introverts are not seeking the attention. However, introverts deserve the attention. They are the foundation that many great ideas spring from, like PlusTou. We appreciate our introverts and welcome their ingenuity, spark and desire. Introverts might not always be open to going out, or being in group settings, but they crave social interactions. They aren't much for small talks but they enrich our lives with deep meaningful conversations.

Without them the world wouldn't be fun. So accept, love and support the introverts in your life. Make them feel special by giving them space to recharge.

Don't forget to tell them about PlusTou.com.

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